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SO+GI is moving away from CD to a USB device for your precious images

SO+GI is moving to USB key image storage

Many patients have indicated that CD/DVD is out dated technology and have strongly requested to receive their still images on a USB key rather than a printed photo portfolio so they can share with friends and relatives on social media.

As of February 1 2016 SO+GI will now be packaging your scan images onto a more user friendly USB key.


We will continue to provide a limited photo portfolio of selected 3D images when possible and requested.

The previous format of CD/DVD videos of your scans will no longer be available at SO+GI.

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The Fertility Cliff Myth

British reality TV star Kirstie Allsopp raised a number of eyebrows recently when she declared that women should skip university and a career to start having children in their 20s because women’s fertility “falls off a cliff when you’re 35.”

Thousands of women who struggle with infertility will likely find this message and others like it disheartening, but is it grounded in scientific fact?  The answer is, no.

While fertility does decline as women age, there is no “cliff.”  Women are born with a finite number of eggs within the ovaries, and as they age, both the number and quality of eggs decline.  Miscarriages also gradually rise as women age:

In the general population, female fertility remains relatively stable up to 30 years of age and then begins to decrease until around age 45.  Research has shown that more than 80% of couples where the woman is 35-39 conceive within a year of trying and 90% conceive within two years.  This is not much different than the figures for women 19-26 years of age, 92% of whom conceive within one year of trying.

For these reasons, women who have failed to conceive within a year of trying should consider a pelvic ultrasound to identify any potential problems that may be preventing a successful pregnancy.

It is important for those struggling to start a family to realize that every woman’s fertility is different and impossible to predict.  Instead of buying into the “cliff myth,” talk to your doctor about tests that can be undertaken to identify or exclude obvious problems before you give up hope.

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