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SO+GI Scan provides a comprehensive suite of specialised obstetric and gynaecological imaging services in a contemporary, spa-like setting with a complete focus on each woman’s well being.  Our scans are performed with the latest technologies and equipment, and the results are provided immediately so you never have to wait for reassurance.

We perform:

Viability and Dating Scan

Using both clinical information (from the date of your last period or BhCG hormone levels discovered via a blood test) and information obtained with the ultrasound examination, we hope to be able to: Confirm a pregnancy Confirm a normal intrauterine location when the BhCG hormone levels are greater than 1000 IUs (usually after six weeks) Confirm viability by demonstrating the presence of fetal heart motion (embryo must be greater than 5mm – 7mm long) Determine the number of[...]

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12 Week Scan

At 12 Weeks: Nuchal Translucency Scan The nuchal translucency (NT) scan, or “12-week scan,” is an ultrasound performed in the first trimester between 11.5 weeks and 13 weeks, six days. This scan is combined with a blood test that looks at two specific hormones of pregnancy: the free-Beta hCG and PAPP-A (pregnancy associated plasma protein A). This combined test is an extremely accurate non-invasive screening test available to help identify a fetus at risk for Down syndrome as well as other[...]

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19-20 Week Scan

At 19-20 Weeks: Morphology Scan At 12 weeks, you should have had your nuchal translucency (NT) scan to determine your due date, the number of babies present and the risk of Down syndrome or other chromosomal abnormalities. At 19-20 weeks, nearly all pregnancies in Australia undergo a morphology scan referred to as a “genetic scan” or “anomaly scan”. This scan is used to assess: fetal structural development including brain, face, spine, heart, Lungs, stomach, kidneys, bladder,[...]

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Third Trimester Growth Scan

Your Third Trimester: Growth Scan Your obstetrician may refer you for a scan in the third trimester if you: Are clinically too large or too small for dates Have vaginal fluid loss Have a low-lying placenta on 19-20 week scan Have premature contractions Had a small baby in the past Have high blood pressure Have diabetes or other medical condition Have pain in your abdomen Have twins / multiple pregnancy The ultrasound will be used to assess: Fetal growth /[...]

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