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Pregnancy Scans

Our general pregnancy scans include obstetric imaging for fetal growth, anatomical surveys and fetal wellbeing.

These scans allow us to examine your growing baby to make sure the anatomical development is normal for each gestational period. Pregnancy scans are very detailed, enabling us to identify any significant anomalies.

These scans include 2D, 3D and 4D imaging and are typically performed during the following phases of your pregnancy:

  • 1st trimester
  • 2nd trimester
  • 3rd trimester

Our Pregnancy Scans services include:

01---Viability-and-Dating-Scan 02---12-Week-Scan 03---19-20-Week-Scan 04---Third-Trimester-Growth-Scan 05---Twins 06---Fetal-Echocardiogram 07---Down-Syndrome 08---Spina-Bifida 09 - Fetal MRI



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