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SO+GI SCAN News – August 2016

  1. Sogi Scan is open for routine NT scans, morphology and growth scans.
    The service is aimed at the working mum who has difficulty getting into routine appointments through the week.Speak with your doctor about an action plan in case of unexpected scan findings.Untitled__Sogi_scan_news_august_2016_pdfwebsite_copy___1_page_
  2. The patient out of pocket expenses for routine harmony NIPT at S&N is $450. At sogi scan a pretest genetic counsellor consultation and follow up with results, an ultrasound and NIPT is ~$465Sogi Scan NIPT service is available Monday- Friday.Untitled__Sogi_scan_news_august_2016_pdfwebsite_copy___1_page_
  3. We welcome our beautiful new state-of-the-art Voluson ultrasound machines which are providing amazing anatomic clarity at all gestational ages. The response to the 3D/ 4D images has been fantastic.
  4. Pelvic MRI scans continue to be a very important investigation. We can report pelvic MRI scans from any of our partnered I MED clinics. Scans cost $400 plus contrast when needed.
    The indications for pelvic MRI include:

    1. Endometriosis
    2. Adenomyosis
    3. Fibroid uterus difficult to assess with ultrasound
    4. Dysfunctional uterine bleeding
    5. Adnexal cysts persisting on ultrasound
    6. Adolescent gynaecology


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